The Comfort Cushion Overlay

$ 329.00


The "Comfort" Cushion Overlay

"Comfort" cushion is the lowest priced alternating pressure cushion overlay available anywhere! This product has 13 years of experience in designing and building behind it and is one of the best seating systems available anywhere in the world.

TRY IT, you will like it!

The "Comfort" Cushion is a much better version of our popular Trucker's Cushion, while designed originally for use by long haul truck drivers, was found by many people to be just the right thing to improve their comfort and circulation virtually anywhere they might sit and plug into on automotive cigarette lighter socket for power.

While we do not sell this system as a medical product or make any claim relating to diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical problem, many people have called or written us to thank us for a product that actually does so much to improve their comfort and circulation, making their lives much more pleasant. See the many testimonials on this site…(click here)

The "Comfort" cushion is an ideal product for someone who may have limited mobility and spends most of their time in a lift chair or lounger. So many people were using their "Trucker's" cushions for 24 hour comfort that we completely redesigned the pump unit to be more user friendly and last longer in service.

The new "Comfort" Overlay cushion has:

  1. Attractive molded plastic pump case with rubber bumper feet to avoid scratching any surface.
  2. Up-graded air pump for quieter running and pump longevity
  3. Advanced sound proofing for quiet running, measured at 32 dbs at 6 feet. LED Lights on both the power plug and the pump indicate when power is going into the pump unit. A warning LED on the pump unit will come on and "blink" a trouble code if unit malfunctions.

These new electronics are made in the USA in our own facility.


Size: 20" wide at front tapering to 18" at rear, 18" front to back. Thickness is 3/4 inch and overlay to placed on top of another cushion that provides the padding while the Comfort overlay provides the active massage that is the key to comfort and improved circulation while sitting.

Note: A Comfort overlay should not be used over an air inflated cushion or gel filled cushion. This type of cushion will soak up the active massage movement so you won't receive the benefit of movement.


Comfort cushion Overlay has a 6 month factory warranty on parts and labor. If the product fails to operate properly, we will repair or replace it at our option when it is returned to our facility. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Return Policy:

If a customer wishes to return a "Comfort" cushion for full credit:

  1. It must be in the original shipping box, undamaged and not showing signs of use.
  2. All contents shipped to you must be returned for full credit
  3. Products obviously used, soiled or damage will not be accepted for refund. In the event of a dispute over refund, we will ask the Bettter Business Bureau to arbitrate.
  4. We suggest you leave the clear plastic cover over the overlay to maintain pristine condition and use it for 48 hours. We are sure you will like it, but if you choose to return it , will returnable. If you choose to return it, you will receive full credit, not including shipping charges, minus 10% restocking fee.



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