Alternating Pressure Cushions & Mattresses!

No air, gel or foam can match The Best Seat for comfort because they are NOT active. They do not move under you like The Best Seat Ever. Passive cushions do not spread the pressure equally. They cannot relieve pressure completely for three minutes like The Best Seat and they cannot protect and comfort you like The Best Seat.

The Best Seat Story

People have been dealing with uncomfortable seating, ever since they learned to sit down. The very act of sitting in even the most comfortable chair puts pressure on soft tissue in your buttocks and thighs that severely compromises blood circulation in your buttocks and legs. This leads to discomfort and swelling for an airline passenger or someone like a long haul truck driver who sits for hours while driving.

Truck drivers as a career vocation, have the highest incidence of below the waist, circulation problems leading to Deep Vein Thrombosis (D.V.T.) varicose veins, restless leg syndrome.

Anyone who sits for long periods of time while working or relaxing, such as office workers, data entry people, airline pilots, and older people who simply sit a lot, wonder how they ever got along without their "Best Seats".

Our patented Computer Controlled Pressure Management (CCPM) causes the cushion under you to change it's shape and the support pressure on your buttocks and thighs every 3 minutes, to assure that all the soft tissues are getting re-supplied with fresh blood in a timely fashion, making you far more comfortable, while removing the poor circulation that is the root cause of pressure sores, D.V.T., swollen feet and ankles, as well.

How Well Does Our Products Work?

How well does our alternating pressure cushions work? How can I be reassured that this isn't just another "create a need and sell them something to fix it" scam?
When the US Air Force was sending our B2 bombers to Iraq, for the aircrew that meant a flight of 40 to 48 hours, nonstop. Several flight crew members acquired some serious pressure sores!
The Air Force had to find a solution so they bought examples of just about every product that is advertised to "prevent pressure sores", took them all to Air Force Research Lab and hired Wright University students to sit in F16 mockup cockpits for long periods of time while instrumentation measured blood flow to their buttocks and legs.
Without our knowledge, they bought and tested "Best Seat Travelers" cushions. They found that the Best Seat technology was better than any other brand tested at Preventing Pressure Sores!
The timing, inflation patterns and effects on your bottom is exactly the same as we do for the systems we have built for the Air Force! Click here for Air Forces testing criteria and results.
Soon after we started producing and selling both the "Travelers" cushion and the "Truckers" cushion for use by healthy people, for comfort and circulation reasons, people with some pretty severe disabilities found them and started using them. Since they are still priced below the cost of many "static" non-moving cushions, they greatly benefit you in dealing with poor circulation problems. People who virtually spend all their time in a lounge chair or lift chair, have found our moving cushions to be a Godsend that helped wonderfully to combat problems and provide real comfort.
Please understand, Best Seat is not a medical device! What it does is to keep soft tissue moving and re-supplied with fresh blood! You are perhaps getting older or possibly have some disability that impairs movement.
We provide the missing movement by using electronics and pneumatics and with that, nature will respond to improve your quality of life.
US Air Force pilot with fighter plane picture


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